Shana Falb is the President of the Board of Directors and Executive Director of Puentes de Esperanza. She holds a Masters in International Affairs/Sustainable Development and has been coordinating volunteers, projects, and community involvement in Jiquilillo since 2011.

Shana with Ana and Karen at their graduation from primary school.

Nathan Yue has lived and worked in Nicaragua since 1998, with 16+ years in Jiquilillo. He runs Rancho Esperanza, the hostel operating as a social enterprise in Jiquilillo, where the programs began. He is a founder of the Board of Directors and a present and guiding force of Puentes de Esperanza.

Nate removing the remaining school supplies out of the broken piñata to celebrate the first day of new school year.

Maynin Somarriba is from El Viejo and has been visiting family in Jiquilillo since she was a little girl. She holds a university degree in Youth, Citizenship, and Community Development. From the age of 12, she has been leading youth groups, and has five years of experience working with a Nicaraguan organization in sectors involving children, adolescents, and youth. Maynin has been heading our youth education programs since June 2016.

Nate and Shana are supported by our other Board Members:

  • Marissa Ambrosi (treasurer)
  • Jess Curto
  • Meg Ervais

The ongoing success of our projects has been achieved through the work of many more talented, inspirational, and just plain hard-working people over the years.

This website was also a team effort and we’d like to thank the following for their help:

  • Adrienne, Alkis, and Nick Hum for their help designing our identity.
  • Kevin “Popito” Gallagher, Méleen, and Oriana for digging out and allowing us to use their photographs.